Katherine Fiore

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Glass Artist

My husband and I moved to Biloxi in September but have been visiting family here for the last three years and fell in love with the culture and the art. We have been involved in art for over fifty years working in various medium. We knew when we would move here someday that we wanted to become involved in the vibrant art community.

Glass has been my primary medium over the last ten years. This came about from attending an art festival and the purchasing of a Moravian Star. I was fascinated by the use of glass and its assembly. My husband found a glass supply house that gave stained glass classes. I was captured bu the art. I have, over the year, worked with glass, foil, and warm glass. My path to mosaics started with a simple question. What am I going to do with all these small pieces of glass? That is how this process started. Over the last several years, I have started to mix a variety of glasse shapes, sizes, dimensional pieces to create interesting compositions of birds and waterfowl.

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