Fanny Mendoza

Dotillism, Mandalas, Intuitive paintings

International traveler and student of life at all times, I have worked all around the world as a languages teacher, following this little voice inside whispering me to live an exciting journey. In my adventures, I have not only discovered wonderful and inspiring landscapes. I have also found the magic outside my comfort zone and the power of confidence when it comes to making dreams come true. When I became a mother, I reconnected with one of my childhood inspiration: Art and painting.

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I fell in love with dotillism, a meditative approach allowing me to represent the world we live in through energetic symbols inspired from Earth's beauty and wonders. Just like in life, dotillism encourages us to look at things from a higher standpoint in order to have a better picture of our experiences. Each of my artworks carries a symbol, a message and a specific intention to inspire people to follow their dreams and realize that we are always guided and helped by a higher realm.

You can find Fanny's artwork at the Gallery 782 in Biloxi and on her website

Follow her FB page PachaMamArt to discover her latest creations!

Mother of Pearls
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