Don Schniffner

Digital Artist

My love for photography goes back more than forty years. I began using 35mm film and a totally manual camera. This, I believe, is why I am able to be a successful photographer today. Spending so much time outdoors learning how to use the available light and to properly compose a photo gave me a great appreciation for the beauty around me. This desire to capture small moments of time and bring out the grand beauty of God’s hand has become a lifelong passion.

I also enjoy ‘seeing’ images in black and white and devote quite a lot of time getting that illusive perfect black and white image. Today’s digital cameras make thing much easier and I derive immense pleasure processing my images to achieve a more digital art look to them.
After working for forty-one years as a civilian for the US Navy in the weapons and radar divisions I finally retired. I can now devote more time and energy into my photography.