Dawn Seymour

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Quilt Artist

"When life hands you scraps, make quilts!"

I've been married to my husband, Gerry Seymour, since JAnuary 1976. We met in the San Francisco Bay area while he was in the Navy. We've lived on the West Coast, the East Coast, and now the Gulf Coast. I grew up in Upper Michigan, graduated from high School in Grants, New Mexico.

We moved here in 2012 from Virginia, when we decided to find a weather friendly state to retire to. My husband grew up in the Ocean Springs area, and this is home to him.

I began quilting in 1980. I come from a crafty family. My mother was always making something, so over the years I learned to sew, knit, and cross stitch. Eventually quilting took over my life, and became a part of my everyday need to create.

I describe myself as a piecer when it comes to quilting. I enjoy the process of taking a perfectly good piece of fabric, cutting it all up, and sewing it back together again to create something truly unique. And I've been told that I'm more of an "art quilter" than a traditional quilter.

In 2015, the movie Lady in Gold came to the theater. After seeing it, my brother-in-law challenged me to make a quilt reflective of the portrait in the movie. I'm not the one to turn down a challenge, so I proceeded to make this quilt, I entered it in the local Vancleave Quilt Show and won 1st place for Viewers Choice. I also entered my Row By Row Experience Quilt in the 2016 Sand Stitcher's Quilt show, and won 1st place for this entry in the wall hanging category.

I am currently a member of the Ocean Spring Friendship Civic Club and I am also an active member in the Sand Stitchers Quilt Guild, Where I enjoy the company of creative minds. I've been a member of Gallery 782 since January 2017.

You can see Dawn's artwork at the beautiful Gallery 782 or you can contact her through her email for more information: dawnseym@gmail.com

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